Integrated resort concept is not a new concept in the gaming and hospitality area. There are a lot of countries in the world that already have established integrated resorts such as Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, United States and etc. Up to now, there is no one unified definition of integrated resorts. Some argued that a casino should be included while others indicated that casino is not necessary. In any case, we have seen a keen development of integrated resorts in Asia, US and all over the world. We expect that this will be the trend in the coming years.

20151006_Mr. Alidad Tash, Senior VP of Gaming Operations and Strategy for Melco Crown Entertainment

An integrated resort can be defined as “multi-dimensional resort that includes a casino, convention/exhibition centers, hotels and shopping and entertainment facilities. Casino floors should be the engine of the resort in order to support facilities like convention/exhibition centers, hotels and shopping and entertainment facilities” (MacDonlad & Eadington, 2008, p. 5-6). Macao already has a few integrated resorts (like Venetian, City of Dreams, Galaxy Mega Resorts and etc.) that have been developed and it is expected that more integrated resorts will be built in the coming years.

It is important that advanced level of hospitality and gaming related courses are offered in Macao in order to prepare students and practitioners with the necessary knowledge to meet with their job requirements and the ever increasing challenges and demands in the marketplace especially in the hospitality and gaming industry. It is also believed that education plays a crucial role in facilitating the government in meeting its goal of developing Macao as “A World Center of Tourism and Leisure” and a “MICE” (Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conventions and Exhibitions) destination.

The Master of Science degree program in International Integrated Resort Management, therefore, aims to fill in these marketDSC04377 demands, by equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills to cope with the present and future needs of the hospitality, including “MICE” and hotels and gaming industry, particularly in managing successful integrated resorts.


The programme is a unique programme which has never been offered in any other institutions or universities in Macao or the world. This programme will focus on the international aspect of integrated resort management. It aims to provide students an opportunity to learn both the gaming and non-gaming operations within an integrated resort content. Students will be able to apply the integrated resort knowledge anywhere in the world and particularly within the region where integrated resort development is a hot trend in the gaming industry.


Our Mission

We hope to cultivate middle management professionals, with high caliber who possess sound moral judgment and ability, to help develop the hospitality and gaming industry in Macao and beyond. In addition, we want to provide more opportunities for individuals who are interested to conduct research in this area


Who should attend this programme?

  • For those who have prior academic training in the subject area and are working in the industry but wish to deepen their knowledge in the integrated resort management area.
  • For those who did not have prior academic training in the subject area but would like to further their study in this area.  The MSc serves as another opportunity for them to enroll into a hospitality/gaming degree which can equally lead to a parallel professional qualification.
  • For our BBA graduates who wish to further their study and pursue a master degree.
  • For those who are not working in the hospitality and gaming industry but would like to acquire more knowledge in these areas.
  • For those who are working in the hospitality and gaming industry but has no formal training in these areas.
  • For our BBA graduates who wish to engage in academic or applied research in hospitality/gaming, the MSc offers a thesis component which requires research skills that may be useful for subsequent PhD study.