The Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) at the University of Macau (UM) offers a Bachelor of Science degree in International Integrated Resort Management. This is a dynamic and industry-relevant programme that  covers the studies of both gaming and hospitality, one of the first of this kind in the world. To offer quality university training in this particular area, our curriculum has been designed especially for those who would like to strive for professional career development and excel at a managerial as well as executive level.



Two-Stream Study Plan

The demand for versatile talents in the hospitality and gaming industry is ever changing. The emergence of the integrated resorts with multiple offerings such as casinos, hotel, events, restaurants, retail, conventions and entertainment has created new opportunities. In our BSc in International Integrated Resort Management, students can choose to enrol in either Gaming Management or Hospitality Management Streams (from Year 2 onward). This allows students to better focus on learning how to think strategically and communicate more effectively within their chosen management stream.


Internship and Study Mission

Our programme requires all students to participate in an internship at the end of their 3rd year. Students enrolled in 2017/18 must complete a minimum of 960 hours of internship experience. Students are also given the opportunity to go on an overseas study mission (e.g. Las Vegas, Houston, Hawaii and/or Seoul).

Study Plan List of Courses and Descriptions