A survey was conducted in May (2017) to determine the pre-graduation job rate of our 4th year IIRM students. Sixty-seven students were sampled.

Among 46 students who had applied to jobs before graduation, 30 (>65%) had at least one job offer. Almost 40% had two job offers or more; seven students had four job offers.

The companies that they will work for include MGM, Sheraton, Four Seasons, Park Hyatt and Chessman.

Their job roles include front office, sales, guest services and casino marketing.

The median starting monthly income is between MOP13,000 and MOP14,000; more than one third will earn MOP15,000 and above.

Fourteen students (~21% of total sample) intend to pursue further studies in countries like Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong and Macau.