Ms Teresa Vong is an Assistant Vice President of Market Development at the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel and a proud graduate of HGM (majoring in gaming management). Ms. Vong has exceptional personality, perseverance and self-motivation. Since graduation, Ms Vong has worked steadily up the corporate ladder to fill a leadership role in her company.

Below is her testimonial:

“There have been many moments in my 10-year career that I felt, “Lucky that UM taught me this!”. The theories and knowledge learnt are highly applicable to my work while the projects that we worked on built our skills needed in planning and executing our tasks at work.

Of course, doing the real job is still quite different from reading it from the book but the internship, study mission and activities organized by UM allowed us to see it and do it before graduation. This did not only deepen our understanding of the business, but also helped us make a better decision on choosing the job suitable for ourselves.

Moreover, the professors in gaming management were very enthusiastic in preparing the best and most up-to-date materials for us. Ten years ago, there was not much readily available academic materials about gaming in Macau but our professors were able to give us the pulse of the gaming industry and even the vision of how it would develop.

And now, the vision has come true. Thanks to UM for raising the talents that Macau’s gaming and hospitality industry needs!”

– Ms. Teresa Vong, AVP of Market Development at the Venetian Macao.