The integrated resort industry comprises several sectors including hotels, casinosclubs, spas, food and beverage services, retail, entertainment, and MICE (Meeting, Incentive Travel, Conventions and Exhibitions). It is a multi-faceted and dynamic industry with career paths from vocational entry level to globally recognized professional qualifications. The core of modern integrated resorts, particularly in Asia, is the casino.

What is Gaming Industry ?

The gaming industry is referred to as any businesses that ‘provides, owns, operates or engages in lawful gaming activities and facilities related to gaming and leisure’. The gaming entertainment industry is often linked to other aspects of the hospitality business. The emergence of the integrated resort in Asia often includes the gaming component. The concept of gambling dates back into history and involves not only casinos with mainly table games and slot play, but sports betting on popular sports such as soccer and basketball, as well as pari-mutuel gambling which includes horse and dog racing. It’s a fact that within a few years of the liberalization of the gaming industry in Macao in early 2000, Macao has become the no.1 casino market in the world in term of revenue.

What is Convention Industry?

The Convention and Exhibition industry can be traced back to the ancient Silk Road route stretching from Xi’an to Istanbul. Great civilizations such as the Roman Empire would have also witness trade routes. In modern times the Eiffel Tower was built to greet visitors as the entrance arch to the 1889 World Fair. While the objectives have not generally changed of exchanging goods, knowledge whiling over a meal and entertainment, the convention and exhibition industry is now more professional and a more widely sought after travel market by an increasing number of destinations due to it being a high yield tourism segment and that it enhances the reputation of the location that host it. Several terms are given such as business travel and MICE (Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conventions, Exhibitions). Venues are purposely built to host MICE for meetings of various purposes and common interests with various formats and programmes.